Taverners Hill Infants School

A Country School in the City

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All classrooms in the school are equipped with an Interactive whiteboard and all students have access to iPads on demand. Our use of technology has aided student engagement in subjects but not taken the place of Quality Teaching. As such we provide meaningful and relevant learning opportunities for students to create and engage rather than simply sitting and doing! Over the past few years we have supported students in engaging in video conferencing links to overseas countries, creating movies and participate in interactive lessons in the classrooms. 

With the introduction of the new English syllabus in 2014, and the embedded nature of technology within it, these skills will be the stepping stones of future thinking and learning.

At Taverners we are fortunate to have a Technology Teacher who works with small groups on "project based learning' tasks whilst developing their already existing computer skills.

Teachers are continually developing their technology skills by attending Professional Development courses, keeping up-to-date with the lasted educational trends and implementing them within the school.

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