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What our current 2023 parents and past families are saying about Taverners Hill

“I am very pleased with the level of education and care that my daughter has experienced during her early schooling at Taverners Hill Infants School. She has been provided all of the tools to excel in her personal and educational development in a safe culturally diverse learning environment. Through both learning in a group setting and with the one on one attention that she receives through her dedicated teachers, I am proud of the confidence she has developed and how encouraged she feels to express herself.”

“Tavs is a beautiful, well run little school that is a great place for  kids to start their primary school years. It’s small enough that everyone knows each other – staff, students and parents. The school has developed a lovely caring culture. My eldest attended Tavs from 2020-2022 and recently smoothly transitioned to year 3 at a neighbouring K-6 school. My youngest started Kindergarten at Tavs in 2023 and is benefiting from being in a small school that’s not as noisy and busy as a larger school.”

Taverners Hill Infants is an incredible school which showed us how meaningful, connected and truly inspirational school life can be our children and our whole community.

My daughter has made friends for life at Taverners Hill, and we will never forget the unique attention, warmth and leadership opportunities that she gained at the school. To see K-2 students presenting assembly and fully engaged in the leadership and care of the school is so inspiring, and to be honest, on so many occasions, tearjerking!

It is my strong sense that no child will ever fall through the cracks at Taverners Hill, based on the community of care. Every child knows every other child and teacher by name, and has a relationship with them. 

My daughter went into year 3 at another school after Taverners and was elected straight to the student representative council. The confidence and leadership qualities that she gained in Taverners Hill have stayed with her.  

We are blessed with so many wonderful memories of special musicals, performances, assemblies, graduations, morning welcomes, and so much music and community every day. We are forever grateful for Taverners Hill Infants, and the wonderful committed staff.

Taverners Hill is caring place. The teaching staff knew our child, even if they hadn’t taught her. We felt a deep sense of community and commitment to learning. The friendships our child formed at Tavs stand still today, years later. She often speaks fondly of her time there. We could not be happier with our experience at the school.

There is good reason why people, decades after they've been and left Taverners, still call themselves a Taverners kid. Despite having left the school many years ago, our 3 kids still call themselves a Taverners kid. Exceptional calibre of teachers, teachers who care about general well being of the child, teachers who take the time to explain and make themselves available for parents to discuss about their kids school life. In saying that, all of our kids also walked away with higher than average academic results which has carried them through the harder primary school years. All our 3 kids wishes they could have stayed at this tiny school for the rest of their schooling life. 

The Johnson family. 

“The learning environment at Taverners Hill made the transition to school as positive and inclusive as we could have hoped for.  Great efforts are made to make every family feel at home, and walking in the gates every day indeed felt like going home.  The teachers pay a level of individual care and attention to each student that ensures no learning challenges slip through the cracks.

As an added bonus there is a focus on performance and public speaking skills - from kindergarten onwards - that I’ve not observed at other schools.  Our son was exposed to his first school musical at age 5 - playing the part of a tooth - and loved it.  His growing love of the stage and live performance, we’re convinced, is connected to these early learning experiences.” 

We were first introduced to Taverners Hill Infants school some 35 years ago. 34 years later when our daughter was about to start kindergarten as a 4.5 yr old we couldn’t have found a better place for her to learn, grow and play. We’ve been amazed by the care taken with our daughter’s development in all forms or the curriculum from reading and writing to maths, science and art (her favourite). The smaller class sizes, dedicated teachers (all of whom are passionate in their crafts) and access for out of area students has also broadened our community. As an infants school it’s probably the best stepping stone I can recommend for any parents looking for a welcoming first step into “big school” for their kids.

 Our family are grateful to the wonderful 'gentle' start to school life Taverners Hill has provided our child, and to be a part of the Taverners Hill community - a small school environment within Sydney's Inner West. At Taverners Hill, the small class sizes enable every student to be heard and receive the attention that is important during the early years. Being an Infants School, the teachers are all experienced in early education and go above & beyond to understand & assist each of the children's individual’s needs. It was such a smooth transition for my child from preschool and it has been enriching to see each child feel safe, grow in confidence, and enjoy being at school each day. We couldn't recommend the school highly enough – it’s one of the best schools in the Inner West. Thank you to the wonderful, dedicated teachers and equally dedicated Principal Ms. Gardner.

At Taverners Hill we have the motto

"Once a Taverners kid always a Taverners kid.

Once a Taverners familiy always a Taverners family"